One Year Ago

Happy Birthday Bean


1 year is so much easier then 1 day.

Bean is really interested in climbing right now. She wants to be as high as she can get for no obvious reason.


Heath spent a lot of the day and we both spent part of the evening getting her down from dangerous places.


Well getting her down, once we had a picture of course.


So we decided it was time to bring the playhouse slide back into the house. We wiped it down, dismantled it, brought it inside then put it back together.




The kids had a few minutes to play before it was time for dinner.


We had enchiladas made mostly from leftovers and items we needed to get rid of soon.


They were not bad. After dinner the girls played some more in the fort.


Pumpkin had not been feeling 100%


so we put her in the tub with a movie and let her relax. We relaxed with cake and icecream leftovers and some tv while she was in there. Then we put Bean to bed and Pumpkin got on pajamas. Heath and I did some exercise and Pumpkin watched some and participated some. Then it was time for books and bed. Heath and I did some more exercise before getting ready for bed.

In the morning we got up early and worked in the shop on our fridge, oven and sink.


We did not have a lot of time but we made some nice progress measuring, drawing and cutting holes.



Both the sink and the stovetop are starting to take shape.



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