Parent Observation


Yesterday morning Bean had her 12 month checkup at the doctor.
Heath hurried to sew a 1 on her shirt before the appointment.
Bean is doing great.

After the appointment we took her out to lunch and shared some fries with her. Heath and I got Jerry’s Cafe burgers. They were both awesome. They had a burger I have never heard of before, the Picnic Burger. It had a big dollop of homemade potato salad on the burger. It was really filling and really good.

Bean stayed home with Heath the rest of the day and I went to work but picked up Pumpkin and took her to dance after. It was parent observation week so I took lots of blurry zoomed in cell phone pictures and took notes of what they do.

Clown Roll
Hula Hoop Dive
Crab Walk
Elephant Walk
Skin the Cat
Back Flip in Box
Back Flip over Knee

Dance class takes a break at the end of next month and I think we can work on most of the stuff at home.

We headed home and Heath had dinner nearly ready. Pumpkin and I were both not feeling well. She needed to #2 but would not and had stuffed up nose.

She hopped in the tub after dinner and her #2 problem quickly took care of itself once she was relaxed. Then we needed to drain the tub and give her a shower.

I started packing things up for Peanut and my Spring Break Bike adventure. If you want to take Friday and Monday off you are welcome to join. Here is the plan.

FRIDAY: After a good night of sleep, drive 2hrs to New Franklin, MO. Park at the New Franklin Trailhead (water and bathrooms available) on the Katy Trail. Maybe get a picture of Santa Fe Monument. Bike 8 miles to Rocheport and Camp at the Diana Bend Conservation Area $0.
SATURDAY: Bike 17.5 miles to Easley, MO. Camp at Coopers landing($10 no reservation needed). Camp area has groceries and BBQ restaurant. Heather and Pumpkin are planning to meet up with us and campout 1 night and restock our supplies.
Bike 19.5 miles to Rocheport and Camp at the Davidsdale Conservation Area $0.
Bike 6 miles to New Franklin and the truck. Drive 2 hrs home.
Total 51+ bike miles in 4 days and 3 nights

We are just north of the Missouri river the whole time and can fish in our spare time. Campsites look good at first glance but we have other (shorter) options in the middle if we need them. We go thorugh several cities and pass a few points of interest like petroglyphs.


Last time I was on the Katy trail Heath and I camped in a cave and listened to bats all night so who knows what adventure awaits.


Actually neither Peanut or I know much about biking so hopefully my guess at our daily mileage is not too far.

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