Friends at the Park

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It was our Wednesday to watch the Sander’s girls. They dropped them off right after work and Izzz and Alli started playing but Kate started screaming as soon as her mom was gone. Heath tried to put her in a sling thing and bounce her and other baby soothing techniques but she just screamed so we decided to get out of the house. We bundled up all the girls and stuck them in the stroller and wagon.


3 of 4 were happy about a trip to the park it was cool out but not bad. Kate occasionally got distracted on the walk and stopped crying but once at the park she went right back to screaming.


We took turns holding her, rocking her in the stroller, swinging with her or letting her down. Bean climbed and slid.





The big girls ran all over and did everything.




I didn’t wear a coat and my fingers got cold and everyone was getting hungry so we headed home.On the way home Kate either fell asleep or started enjoying herself. She was quite but her hat had slid down so it was hard to tell if she was awake.

As soon as the stroller stopped rolling she started screaming again. Heath put her in the highchair and applied food while I got dinner for everyone else going. Kate was able to cry and stick food in her mouth at the same time for a little bit.

The other girls ate some but wanted to play more so it was tough to eat. While we were eating we tried laying Kate down in Bean’s crib and she took little breaks from crying but never fell asleep. Once we were done eating we got her out again. The other girls played in the fort and Heath got Kate to stop fussing in the sling while she did dishes.


Things were going smooth so I got busy packing and prepping for Peanut and my trip.I had a check in every 5 min agreement and each time all the girls were doing well. Our bike/camp/fish gear situation started coming together.


I’ve got 2 potential trailers I can use for most of our gear and I expect us to wear camelpack backpacks for the rest. I’ve got a lot more to get ready tonight but it looks possible.


Jon and Amanda came back and Kate cheered right up and ate and played and didn’t seem to recall being upset at all. We got to talking and the girls were playing good and lost track of time and it was a late bedtime for all the girls.

Heath and I decided not to be productive anymore and just have some ice-cream and then go to bed early.

No post tomorrow and possibly all next week. But when I’m back I should have bike trip stories.

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