Vacation Half Way

 IMG_8192 happy kids?

It’s been a great stay close to home Spring Break. We have gotten a lot done around the house and had a lot of low cost fun.




Last night Pumpkin and Peanut ate good dinners of chicken drumsticks and potatoes and salad but Bean was asleep during dinner. When she got up we took the kids to play at McDonalds playplace and we planned to get ice cream for dessert. We forgot Bean’s food so got her a hamburger.


She ate the whole thing. Her sister was impressed so she at a whole hamburger too.  20130319_191438

I’ve never been able to get her to eat one before. I asked if she was eating it to make me happy or if she really liked it. She swears it is really good and wanted another (I needed one too at this point). So we got a couple of double cheeseburgers and the girls each put down 1/2 of one before deciding it was time for ice cream.

We decided to check out the McD playplace in Grandview and it was pretty sweet. Even Bean was able to play.



Earlier in the day Heath, Peanut and I went for a long bike ride while the girls were at school.


I expected Peanut and I too be sore but we were good only 2 days after our big trip. We also went to the Zoo.






I’m not sure what is in store for the next few days.


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