Spring Break is Over

Just in time for snow.

Friday:  bike 11 or so miles
Saturday: bike 20 miles, Mexican Dinner, Hotel
Sunday: drive around Columbia, Irish car bombs with Derrick and Bobbie
Monday: Zoo
Tuesday: big neighborhood bike ride
Wednesday: Picknick Hike
Thursday: Swimming at Community Center
Friday: Went to see the movie The Croods
Saturday: Bonfire brush burning and firewood stacking, brewing Root Beer
Sunday: Snow play, hot coco, Game of Life on Wii

I did a post about the 1st half of the week. Here is the rest

Wednesday Heath, Peanut and I hiked around Blue river and ate some great sandwiches. Peanut found historic treasures.




Thursday we went to Matt Ross Community center and met up with several friends. We took all the kids and had a great time but didn’t take any pictures. We also got a dead truck battery and drove around getting a new one.

Friday we took Bean to daycare then headed to see the Croods.We all really liked the movie. I got a medium popcorn and Pumpkin took ownership of it and ate nearly the whole bag. She would occasionally dish out some to the rest of us kernel by kernel.


Saturday we got up and worked on projects around the house. Peanut had spent the night at a friends but when he got home he helped me start a barell fire and load it with brush. I spent most of the day tending the fire, splitting and stacking wood. Late in the afternoon he went to the farm with cousin Rachel and we had smores.When Peanut got back he brewed home made root beer.



Sunday we woke up to lots of snow. We had breakfast and once Bean was tired we headed outside to play. After everyone was cold we headed inside for hot chocolate, coffee and we played Life on the Wii. It was really fun and Pumpkin kicked all our butts. She was a millionaire soccer player with a bunch of kids and multiple houses. Late in the afternoon we went back out for more playing.







Peanut is still off today and all the kids stayed home with Heath. Not sure what they are going to get into next.

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