Coming together


Easter is coming up fast so Heath and I got some more work done on the kiddos kitchen before bed. Everything has multiple layers of light pink and white paint now.


We’ve got our hardware all ready to go and the cabinet doors on.


Before making toys in our sub garage shop…


we went to a Parents as Teachers Advisory Board meeting. The kids got to go play in the toy room and eat cheese pizza with supervision and the rest of us heard about programs, upcoming adventures and accomplishments.


Then we talked about ways to make it better. I was pretty impressed with the accomplishments of PAT and the Center District and the great ideas that came from the meeting. We also got a bunch of Waldo Pizza and salad.

There was a lot left over at the end so Pumpkin and I ate some more. She even took some home for breakfast today.

In other news my truck died at daycare on my way to work. Then it would not start at work. I took it to the auto parts store and the new battery was too low to test the alternator. So I charged it all evening and just before close I brought it back and they found the alternator was not charging the battery at all.

So i’ll be learning to put in am alternator soon.

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