Alternator Woes

Heath and the girls picked me up from work and we rushed home and started making tacos and taco sides. We built a real nice spread of tasty stuff.

We waited a bit for our Parents as Teachers lady and when she got there we ate. Pumpkin was in a big show off and screw around mood but she still ate pretty good and we moved right from dinner to dessert then playing.

Pumpkin worked on similarities and differences between toys in a big crate full of them. She did really good. At the same time Bean worked on pulling toys to make noise and get other reactions from things. Bean is in little scientist mode right now testing everything for reactions. Her favorite is dropping things from her highchair. She gets to learn about gravity and making mom crazy.

She also took a lot of steps between us but is pretty shaky and goes to a crawl when she wants to get somewhere far or fast.

We played a bunch then showed off how much Pumpkin likes playing Game of Life on Wii and our PAT lady was impressed with the counting, colors and decision making skills Pumpkin had to use.

Our lady left just before the girls bedtime. Pumpkin brushed teeth then we read new books while Heath put Bean down. Then Heath and I got to work. I climbed under my truck and Heath started a workbook she is working on with a carrier councilor.

I opened the installation manual that came with the new alternator and found many pages of instructions. Unfortunately they were just different languages. The English ones said something like disconnect the battery, remove the bolts, remove the belt, remove the wires.

I grabbed the new one and climbed under and made sure it looked like the old one. Then I started removing belts and bolts and stuff. I made some good progress but decided to go to bed before figuring out where the last bolt holding it in was.

Beforehand I had to wash the grease and grime off my arms and the yucks out of my eyes.

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