I took these pictures earlier this week but saved them for closer to the day. After sledding Sunday Pumpkin and Peanut colored eggs while sipping hot coco.


They really liked just using markers on them.


So we did not even bother to dye them.


Pretty nice


This is a jayhawk egg


Bean was not interested in decorating eggs so we worked on our acrobat routine w/ my shirt tied around our waists.



So the truck is still on the ramp in the garage waiting for me to put the new alternator in and get the old one out.


So Heath picked the girls up from school, then me up from work and we all went to Aldi on the way home. After grabbing all the groceries we needed we were pretty hungry so grabbed a premade pizza too.Once home we added salami, zuchini, onions and mushrooms and tossed it in the oven then put away the groceries and made a nice salad.


It was one of the best pizzas I’ve had in a while. Afterwords we moved right into dessert.


We had leftover berry pudding pie stuff from the night before. Then Heath headed to a cub scout pack meeting and I stuck the girls in the tub.


They did good at first


but then started standing and pouting and annoying dad


So I quickly soaped and rinsed them and got them out so they could be troublesome away from water and porcelain.

 20130328_190904  20130328_193448

While they climbed on things I did the dishes and cleaned up and vacuumed. Bean is in a stage where we need to vacuum under her chair after every meal.

After a while we read some books and told some stories and got the girls in bed. Once they were down I turned off all the lights in the house and went into the garage to work on my alternator. I’ve got all the bolts out and all the wires loose but the old one is hung up on something and I’ve not figured out how to get it out.

Heath came home shortly later and we decided with Easter being so close we better get the kitchen done.We worked on a few more finishing touches and then had to let paint dry.  20130328_213840

It was past time for bed so after that we crashed.


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