Easter Weekend

We got some nice weather. Friday Heath and the girls picked me up for lunch and we had a picnic at Loose Park.

Then I went back to work and the girls took naps. After work and naps it was our date night and Jon and Amanda watched the girls. Heath and I went to a beer tasting at Gomers then bought a 6 pack and headed to Blue river to explore, drink the six pack and avoid the kids.

We picked up the girls hung out a bit and then got the girls home and in bed. We hung out with Stephen a bit and got the old alternator out of my truck.

Saturday everyone slept in then ate breakfast and went to see the Easter Bunny.

We just missed the egg hunt, then tried to meet the bunny.Pumpkin was terrified.

Bean was not sure what to think but she liked the sparkles on the dress.

Then we drove to another Egg hunt and got there early. Pumpkin made a cookie.

and ate it

We played sidewalk chalk.

Then it was time for the hunt.There were 5,000 eggs but way to many people, poor communication on what was going on and afterword we found each egg had a small mint in it.

So we checked out the firetuck then headed home for lunch.

Then the kids napped and I took my alternator to a shop to have it tested/repaired.

Heath and I spent a few min here and there putting finishing touches on the kids kitchen. We worked on making food and drinks for easter too. At dinner time we fried up a bunch of sliders and stuff.

They turned out perfect

and it was time to see if the girls liked McDonalds or cheeseburgers.

Well they did okay. Pumpkin didn’t want much of her burger and Bean was really interested in the beans more then the burger bites.

Heath went off to meet some friends after dinner and I got the house ready for the Easter bunny and helped stock eggs. Then I did the final clear coats and touch ups on the play kitchen stuff.

In the morning we brought the kitchen up and hid the eggs.The kitchen is pretty sweet.

Bean was up first and she seemed pretty excited by it.

Then we went in to get Pumpkin out of bed.

Her main concern was the Easter baskets and eggs.

The hunt began and both girls started getting eggs.

Pumpkin was collecting eggs and nearly passed up the kitchen.

Then she realized what it was and was pretty excited.

Especially the magnets on the front.

We found more eggs

Then we got cooking breakfast on our stove and the girls on theirs.

Next we got dressed up and headed to Nana-Ks.

We visited family, ate lunch

played with drake

opened birthday presents

blew bubbles

and of course looked for eggs.

Pumpkin and Drake got all the eggs while Bean slept and everyone else watched.

Then it was time for some candy.

We rushed on to the next party at Heath’s uncles house.

We got there just in time for the egg hunt.

Both girls did great.

Then we hung out and took pictures and visited and somehow did some more snacking.

A side note. The dress Bean is wearing in all these pictures was homemade by Heath.

We headed home and ate dinner and got to bed early. Monday I had a remote broadcast and a busy day. We had meatless Monday dinner and then the kids played outside and I played mechanic.

I found out that my old alternator was fine or at least testing fine so picked it up and put it back in the truck. I got it all installed then took the truck up to Autozone. I got my $200 back for the new one and they tested my old one in the truck and found it was still not charging the battery. The guy there looked everything over and didn’t see anything that was causing the problem.

The truck was sounding kind of funny and then all of a sudden started sounding good and the alternator started charging. We turned off the truck and it sounded funny and no charge for a bit then started charging and sounding good. He told me the alternator was probably bad but I took the truck over to Jon. I also had a hunch about something that seemed loose I explained to him. I showed him the noise and the alternator not charge then charge situation.  Then we took off the belt and found a problem with the pulley on the harmonic balancer.

So there is belt around the alternator and the big wheel in the middle. The big wheel in the middle is loose and does not spin at the right speed all the time. So I need to make it not loose. Jon and I put everything back together and tightened the tension on the belt more then necessary. So next I’ll add some glue and hope it works. It sounded good this morning though.
































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