Hillsdale Lake Campout

So after work Friday I rushed home, helped toss the last of the gear into the van then we picked up the girls and got on the road before most of the traffic. We made great time to Hillsdale. Once there we drove around nearly all the sites and then picked ours out and started setting up.

We did not have a lot of company.Heath’s mom came by to hang out a bit. Heath and I were pretty busy getting set up so she took the kids around the corner to the playground while we made ourselves at home.

When they got back the sun was setting so we bundled up the little ones and got dinner cooking.

We ate really well: kabobs, Alfredo noodles, asparagus and pork and beans.

The girls started out a little grumpy but then started really having fun.

Once we ate all the dinner it was time for dessert.

First Bean went to sleep and a little bit later Pumpkin did. Then Donna went home and it started to get cold. Heath and I huddled by the fire and had one last beer before going to bed. Right away we discovered our air mattress was not holding air. Fairly quickly we sunk to the ground.

It sprinkled a bit at night and the wind really picked up but otherwise we all slept great.

I got up first and picked up all our plates and cups the wind had blown around and started getting a fire ready.Pumpkin got up a bit later and she had some oatmeal while I had a cup of coffee.

Next Bean got up and we brought her out.

Before bed 2 other tents set up in the same general area but they all packed up early and we had the whole area to ourselves again.

Heath got up and we hung out by the fire and had more coffee and snacks.

Then we decided to eat our breakfast in the tent out of the wind. The wind was getting stronger and stronger and this worked well until the very end of breakfast. We had eaten about everything and were starting to clean and pack up, the wind blew really had and a tent pole snapped. Then our tent lost it’s structural integrity and we rushed to drop the other poles before they snapped and get our gear and kids out.The girls were worried but played good while we packed up our stuff.

We didn’t really fold anything we just wadded everything up and stuck it in the van. then we went for a little hike along the lake.

After our hike we went and took showers and got on clean clothes and did some playing at the playground by our site.

On the way home we stopped at Chuck E Cheese for cousin Braxton’s birthday party.


We played games and rode rides



Then ate pizza and cake and ice cream. We were all kind of tired but did good. The girls fell asleep on the way home.Heath and I unpacked the van and folded up all our gear and taped up the tent pole. Then we cleaned around the house some and went next door for another birthday party for cousin Alex. This one had way better food and we stuffed ourselves on brisket.

We hung out and had cakes and drinks and enjoyed ourselves till the girls were exhausted. Actually we all were pretty worn out. We got the kids in bed and Heath and I crashed on the couch and watched Hunger Games before bed.

In the morning I got up first and started on yard work. Eventually everyone joined me and we spent the day working in the yard. Most of the time was spent burning brush and at lunch we used the brush fire to cook some lunch.

We had burgers, sweet potatoes and veggies. The fire was hot and cooked it all quick. We got back to work until Bean was up from her nap. Once she was up and changed and fed we went for a bike ride.

We rode a bunch then took a break by the creek

then rode back when it started to sprinkle.

Once home we did a little more yard work then got everyone bathed and showered. Then we had dinner and relaxed until bedtime.











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