Bean Walking

Obviously I’m way behind on posting and my only excuse is I’ve been really busy at work. I’ll try t briefly fill you in.

Last night Heath’s cousin from Alaska and her two girls came over to play and everyone had fun. Once they left we made homemade tortillas.


Then we filled them with shredded chicken and veggies and stuff for dinner. Then we went to Aldi.

Wednesday it was Jon and Amanda’s turn for date night so we watched all the girls.


Once again the big ones played great.


Bean tried to follow them around some and sometimes she tried to help us get Kate to stop screaming.


Eating, rocking, bouncing, toys, drinks, up and down stairs, nothing seemed to have any effect on the screaming until we turned on the TV and Heath sat with her in front of it. She was mesmorized by it for a while then fell asleep.


There were still 3 crazy girls running around but the house was so much quieter.

Tuesday I was late and work and Pumpkin had dance class and I didn’t take any pictures so I don’t really remember what we did. I think we did some major clean up and organizing in the basement.

Monday I went to the Royals game for a broadcast at about 9:30 and stayed through the end of the game.

After the broadcast I went up to the press box to do work and watch the game.

It was a long great day.

On the way home I found Heath and the girls at the Sanders house so we hung out there till bedtime.





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