13 Months Old

Friday we all had long days and worked late and such and when we got home we were hungry. We made a couple of good pizzas.

We ate them on the couch and relaxed. Once the kids were in bed neighbors from both sides came over and hung out and talked and had a few drinks.

In the morning I made some really good eggs and potatoes and stuff for breakfast then we headed off to the nature center by the zoo.

We checked on all the animals and did some coloring and stuff. We were starting to get hungry but decided to hit the park before going home.

Once home we had some lunch and Bean took a nap and Pumpkin rested a bit then we stuck the girls in the bike trailer with some snacks and books and headed out.

We rode the trail all the way to Leawood park and then took a break.

Photo: Family bike ride :-)

The kids played a bunch more at this playground.

Then we got back on the road.

We took a little detour on the way home and got off the trail for some ice cream.

Then we rode home.

It was like 7.5 miles.

We played around the house and rested and made big bowls of spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. We were all pretty worn out after dinner.Once the girls were down Peanut Heath and I bottled my Patersbier.


Heath and did a taste test and it was pretty good, light and a little citrus flavor it should be a great summer beer.


Sunday we got up and went to church then Peanut had Sunday school. Then we put Bean down for a nap and the rest of us played outside. I played with the chainsaw and wood mostly.

Once Bean was up we headed back to the playground to play with our cousins from Alaska.

We spent most of the time at the playground but Bean and I went for a run and we walked around the lake and saw some animals.

After the park we headed home and worked some more outside. Heath got all the split wood moved down and stacked in the back of the yard. Then we grilled some burgers on the brush fire barrel and Rachel and Alex joined us for a driveway picnic. We had a feast and everything was great. Peanut ate 3 sliders and Pumpkin ate 2. Since everyone did so well we had smores for dessert.

Just after getting all our stuff back inside it started raining. We got the kids in bed and laundry folded and then us in bed.










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