Dessert on the Road

Not a lot to say this morning. I got home a bit late then made breakfast for dinner. Pumpkin was not in the mood to eat but just talked and screwed around during dinner. Once I brought out the apple cobbler and ice cream she was interested in eating but had to eat dinner first.

Once everyone was done with dessert and we had cleared the table she finally ate her dinner. I was ready to go get a craigslist wood ad and Heath was helping Peanut clean his room so she had dessert to go. The wood was gone when we got there so we went to Aldi for groceries instead.

We got several things for Peanut’s 1st Communion Brunch Party Sunday morning.

Pumpkin finished on the way home and then got ready for bed. I was close to finishing the 9th Wheel of Time book so the majority of my evening was devoted to that. We did get all the kids in bed and do a bit of cleaning up and Heath and I did 20 minutes of exercise.


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