Surprise Date Night

There was a big load of wood from craigslist I found in Waldo on my way home. I met up with the family at Pumpkin’s dance and once she got started we all rushed over and started loading up the truck. Most of the wood was too big for Heath and I to lift into the truck.

We moved everything we could lift into the truck and the truck was really squatting. We took the wood home and then came back with the chainsaw. I cut as quick as I could and Heath went to get Pumpkin from Dance then came back and loaded up the truck again. We got it totally packed and really weighed down then decided to put a couple of lighter logs in the back of the van.Then we rushed home. Once home I quickly unloaded the vehicles into our wood area.

I smelled like chainsaw exhausted and quickly hopped in the shower while Heath got the kids dinner ready and Pumpkin in the tub. Rachel and Alex came over and once Heath got ready we headed out.We rushed to…

Kauffman Center

Late in the afternoon I ended up with 2 free tickets to a show by National Geographic on “The Birds of Paradise”

It was a lot like this:

We didn’t really know what it was when we got there but it was really good and interesting. We both wished we had brought Peanut, he would have really enjoyed it.

We grabbed a quick drink on the way home and watched a jazz band set up then rushed home to eat a sandwich and get to bed.

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