Peanut’s First Communion


Friday we invited a new coworker and her family over for dinner. They had a little girl Bean’s age. So the kids played and we talked and got to know each other. We had pasta and salad and Peanut made his pudding pie dessert for us. It was a good time and got us started getting the house ready for a post communion party.

Saturday morning Peanut and I got up at 5:30 and headed into the radio station to get the membership drive started. I expected to spend an hour or two there but once I started helping I found more and more to do. Peanut didn’t want to leave once he found a friend and no sisters or moms wanting to share the ipad.

5hrs later we headed home. We were home long enough to eat some lunch before loading up the wagon and heading down the street to watch some neighbors brew beer.

(I just set my beer there for the picture, the kids had juice boxes)

The neighbors used a full mash method that I’ve never done so it was interesting to see the differences. They had a great backyard and snacks so the kids had a lot of fun too.It was hard to leave but we had a birthday party so rushed out and headed to the party.

Besides bouncing we had hot dogs and cupcakes and visited for a while. We were pretty tired when we got home so we put on a movie and relaxed.

I got a 20 minute nap in then started working on food for the party and dinner. We made a list of stuff to get done and then got to it the rest of the night. Peanut and I were pretty tired from the day and headed to bed early.

In the morning Heath and I got up early and did the rest of the todo list then got the kids up and dressed nice.

Just before 9 we headed to church.


Peanut joined the other kids.


and we squished into his pew.


Mass started and the kids paraded around the church, then came to sit with us.


Mass was hot and stuffy and Bean was talking and squirming and causing trouble for most of the hour. But it worked out fine and Peanut did great. Afterwords we headed home and laid Bean down then got some pictures.




Then we headed in for presents


The kids played a bit and we got brunch ready.


Then it was time to eat.



All the food turned out really good and we ate way too much. Right after our first round of guests left another round showed up so we snacked and talked for a long time.

Once everyone left we headed outside. First Heath and I pulled out 5 stumps from trees and bushes that died in the drought last year.

It went much easier then expected so we moved on to cutting and splitting firewood for a while. Once Bean woke up from a 2nd nap we tossed all the bikes in the truck and went to the park for a ride.

It was a great afternoon. The girls snacked and talked and watched everything.

Peanut took the lead and said hi to everyone that passed.

Pumpkin was talking 1 minute then didn’t respond and I looked back to find her out.

Nothing like sleeping on a softball.We biked until she woke up and we got to the next park then got out to take a break.

It was like 6:00 already so after playing we started a loop that took us back to the car.

Once there we loaded up and rushed home. We cooked dinner then watched National Geographic videos and ate. After dinner every bathed and showered and headed to bed.




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