Soooo Biggg

At the first store she is riding in the cart, at the next she is pushing the cart in her little track suit.

Our BBQ grill is a kind of a piece of junk.

We have loved it for the last 6 years because it is natural gas and really easy to use and close to the kitchen. We have hated it because the lid wants to fall off whenever you open it, the handle fell off, and there is just one burner so you can’t really keep somethings warm and cook other things and most of the time we use it we fill the whole surface.

We don’t really have spending money with Heath being jobless but I have a series of things I follow on Craigslist watching for an opportunity. Yesterday a grill came up.

I’d gone into work at 5:30am to get ready for the membership drive at 6 and worked most of the day. Then I rushed to pick up Heath and we headed out. Just as we got there it started to sprinkle but we checked out the grill and decided to bring it home.

We just brought it in out of the rain then went to get the girls from daycare.

Finally this morning I was able to wheel it outside and put the shelf back on.

It’s natural gas like our old one but it has 5 burners and the side (Beans pot) burner. It also has the rotisserie burner but I’m not sure we have everything for that. It’s a few years old but was sitting on the back porch of some old grandma under a cover and hardly ever used. The burners look to be in great shape. I’m really excited to connect it.

Since it’s natural gas there is nothing below it but storage so we may be able to get rid of the old desk next to our old grill.

Once we had the girls home we cooked up some stroganoff stuff for dinner w/ beans and split pees. Unfortunately I used the stove because the grill is not connected yet.

After dinner we had cupcakes

Then went shopping. We hit up aldi first and got 90% of what we needed then hit up Trader Joes for the more exotic vegtables and grains plus some wine. The girls treat Trader Joe’s more like a playground then a store so we had to rush them through before something got broke.

Once home we unpacked the groceries and got the girls in bed. Then Heath and I did some intense exercise and watched a documentary before bed.

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