“Who put all this tuberware in my Fort?

After work I picked up the girls, gave them a snack and rushed off to tumbling class. Heath has been doing a food study, they gave us 8lbs of hamburger meat and $60. We ate the hamburger the last couple weeks and Heath took notes and pictures then spent an hour and a half talking about it last night. (she found they were just ground at different levels of fineness).

Only Pumpkin was dancing Bean and I came home for a bit so I could take a few fittings off the grill and natural gas line then cut up a bunch of veggies for our dinner. Bean tried to help out.

Tthen we went back to get Pumpkin, her class ran a little long and Bean was really restless and wanting to investigate all the mom’s purses for some reason. Eventually we got out and headed back home. I got everything cooking, Pumpkin relaxed with the iPad a bit and Bean played.

Heath had made some brown jasmine rice and once my veggies got soft I added a bunch of lentils and curry. Heath got home and we ate.

Pumpkin had two helpings, well all of us had two helpings then we put it away and saved the leftovers. I had made some pudding w/ stawberries and Pumpkin helped me fancy them up. Also she got a piece of candy for being good at dance so she dipped it in her pudding.

Then I was off to find an adapter to connect my grill to my gas line.

Heath got the girls bathed, pajamaed and ready for bed.

I went to home depot and bought one but it was for the wrong brand so I returned it and went to Lowes. They had one that matched my pieces so I got it and headed home. I helped get the girls in bed and the dishes done plus a few other random things around the house. Heath and I did some cardio exercise and then watched a show to cool down and stop sweating before bed.

This morning I connected the grill, turned back on the gas and grilled some sausage for our breakfast burritos.


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