So Smart

Pumpkin came home from school wound up. She had been writing numbers and wanted everyone to know the ones she could write. I got an earful on the way home and when she started telling Heath we decided to get out the markers and write some.

I was nearly as excited to spark up the new grill. I got all the burners and the side burner going and we cut up a bunch of potatoes, eggplant and turkey burgers.

My mom stopped by to drop something off and we got her to stay for dinner and change her plans so her friend came too.

The grill did great and everything came out perfectly.

We ate dinner and talked and showed off the kids talents. Bean got messy eating so she had a quick sink bath and then put on pajamas and started getting tired. Mom left and we put Bean to bed. Then we took some time reading and telling stories and got Pumpkin in bed.  Then we did a bit of exercise again and watched a couple episodes of Hemlock Grove and went to bed.

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