Whiskey Taste

As I was finishing up my work day Heath dropped the girls off at Jon and Amanda’s and met me at home, we got on running clothes and headed for the woods.We didn’t have a lot of time so we set a fast pace and got running as quick as we could.

We ran till we got to a stream that was a lot higher then normal we only had a few more minutes until we needed to turn around so decided to just run back early. We ate some great sandwiches in the car on the way home and then showered and got dressed and headed up to Gomers Liquor store. We had reservations for:

Lenexa’s own Dark Horse Distillery is having a tasting on Thursday April 25th at Gomer’s South!

Patrick Garcia, the Master Distiller, will be here to talk about the distillery and how they produce the whiskies.  Damian Garcia will also be here with Kenny Kohrs of Café Trio to show us how we can make different cocktails with these whiskies.
Long Shot White Whiskey
Dark Horse Distillery Reserve Bourbon

Dark Horse Distillery Reunion Rye 

We got some seats and got ready to drink some whiskey.

Two brothers gave a really interesting presentation on how they make their white whiskey, rye whiskey and bourbon. They are a small shop in Lenexa and do everything by hand. I really liked everything. Heath liked the mixed drinks but was not crazy about the strait whiskey. We both thought it was really interesting and really want to go do a tour and tasting at their distillery.

The tasting ended at the same time Peanut’s scout meeting started and Heath needed to be there so she dropped me at home and rushed to scouts. I had a glass of water then went to pick up the girls. I talked to Jon and Amanda a bit then brought the girls home. Bean went right to bed. Pumpkin got her pajamas on and brushed her teeth then we read a few books and told some stories.

Just after she was in bed Heath started home and both us thought our sandwiches had worn off and we were hungry. I cooked up an odd assortment of sweet potatoes, eggs and veggies and we watched Hemlock Grove while we ate.

Today is our last day of the membership drive at work so I brought in my little sidekick to help out.

So far she has taken care of all the Caillou Cartoon watching on the iPad for me and helped get rid of some of the Cinnamon rolls.



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