First Fishing Trip of the Year

It was super nice out outside so we tossed dinner and a random pile of fishing implements into the van and headed to the lake.

We had chili from the crockpot made with chicken and white beans.

Pumpkin barely ate a few bites and the rest of us all had seconds. Once done eating we put the food away and walked over to the lake. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would to untangle the pools and get some hooks in the water.

Heath does not have a license yet but I do and the kids don’t need one so we got 3 lines out there.

It looked like we were getting some bites but it could have been the wind. Anyway we didn’t catch any fish and Pumpkin got crabby because she didn’t eat dinner. We decided to toss our lines out as far as we could then go for a walk around the lake.

This was fun we found all sorts of fun stuff.

We slowly made our way around the whole lake and back to our lines. We knew right away we had something.

A bobber was under water and moving around. It had moved around some and we started reeling in the wrong lines first, then got the right one and it was really pulling and wrapped up in lots of moss.

We finally got it up to the shore…

and a big painted turtle popped out of the moss and landed on shore.

Pretty much immediately after getting him out he let go of the chicken and jumped back in the water and was gone.

We packed up our stuff and got ready to go. Pumpkin was hungry and sad the turtle got away and took this lovely photo.

We headed home and washed all the kids and got them in bed. Peanut stayed up and did a workout video with Heath and I then we all sat on the deck and cooled off. Heath and I tried a little experiment. We opened one of my newly ready Patersbiers and split it into two 20 oz cups. Then put in a shot of vodka in each and topped it off with lemon-aid and ice. It was soo good. I’m pretty confident this beer will not make it through the summer.

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