Bike Footage

I had a long day at work and got home late. I got home just in time for Heath to go pick up Pumpkin from her last dance class. While they were gone I got the table set and the rest of dinner ready. We had an interesting dish that was like a chicken pot pie turned into enchiladas. It was pretty good and everyone ate a bunch.

It was really nice out on the deck and we ate out there but the wind was a bit too strong. After we ate too much we decided to bike.

We cruised down to the trail and then headed east. We ended up going about 4 miles before turning around and heading back.

The trail was loaded with bikes, walkers and dogs in some spots and sometimes we were on our own.

When we finally got home Heath took the kids inside and got them ready for bed. I got the front yard mowed and some wood brought into the shed for the coming cold/snow.

The rest of the night we worked out, watched tv and showered.


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