Tower Climbing

Both the girls are growing and they are growing out of their car seats. We found a good deal on craigslist yesterday for a new chair and it was on the west end of town so we decided to pick-nick at Shawnee Mission park before picking up the carseat.

Heath had packed us up some yummy sandwiches and lots of stuff.

We ate a bunch and then cleaned up a bit and headed over to the playground.

The girls played on the slides and stuff for a while. There were a lot of kids so after a bit Heath and I tossed the kids in the backpacks and started hiking.

The trials were really muddy so we hiked in the fields.

We hiked to the tower and then climbed up

and let Pumpkin get out.

We looked around a bit then climbed down and hiked back to the van.

We loaded up and went to pick up the carseat.

It was good so we bought it and will work great for Pumpkin to move into so Bean can move into her old one.

The rest of the night we got the girls in bed, watched Breaking Bad and went to bed early.




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