A Ride Before The Rain

Tumbling/Dance class is over for the season and scouts is Thursday this week so we had a free Tuesday. Also the weather was perfect and rain was coming so we decided to get out and play after work. Once the girls and I got home we tossed bikes and random food supplies in the truck and headed to the park. Once the truck was unpacked we loaded up the trailer and hit the trail.

We cruised from Leawood park east a few miles before finding the perfect dinner spot. It had a playground, woods, a creek and a bbq grill. I got busy on dinner and Heath and the girls had fun.

So dinner I brought a lighter and some news paper and found a bunch of sticks to light. I had also cooked up some baked potatoes then wrapped them in foil and put them over the fire to warm up.

The fire started easy enough and I put the food just over the flames and dinner cooked up quick.

So we all sat down to eat.

The girls ate pretty good considering the playground was right there and kids were practicing baseball on the other side. I really liked the baked potatoes warmed on the grill.Once we were done eating the girls ran off to play some more while we finished up.

Then we loaded the trailer back up and got back on the trail.

We peddled for a long time and went pretty far.

It was so nice out we made excuses not to turn around. Eventually we found a new park we had not played at before and it looked great so we pulled over but Bean was out.

Pumpkin still got out and played some.

It was getting close to bedtime and we were a long way from the truck so we got back on the bikes and peddled back.Bean woke just before we got to the truck.

We loaded up the bikes and headed home then got the girls ready for bed. Heath had some finding a job work to do and I had too much hair.

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I got rid of some and then had a beer and did some exercise and read a bit. Eventually Heath finished up and helped clean up my haircut. Then we took showers and I shaved some more then we went to bed.




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