Exhausting Day

 20130508_163650Bean went to school yesterday and Pumpkin stayed home. Heath and Pumpkin went to the zoo.

lost Heath’s phone
found Heath’s phone

then brought me lunch at work

When I picked up Bean on my way home she fell asleep and I carefully carried her into the house to find Pumpkin also asleep so I put them together.


I read for a bit and Heath worked on the computer then I got dinner ready and we got the girls up and fed them.


After dinner we headed up the street to watch Heath’s cousin play lacrosse.

We knew nothing about the game and her team got destroyed but it was cool to watch.

Once home we got the girls ready for bed and then in bed and we headed to the garage to work on the dresser.


We made a bit of progress and then headed inside to watch Breaking Bad and then head to bed.

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