Thursday Play

I was hungry when I got home and by the time I got dinner ready Bean was starving. We had spaghetti and turkey meatballs w/ broccoli on the side. Heath ate quick and ditched us to go have a drink w/ work friends so we headed to the playroom for open play Thursday night.

Pumpkin and I started by building a giant tower car. Bean ran around screaming w/ joy and checking out stuff then came to help.

The girls played food and took pictures and climbed the foam stuff and I tried to build some castles but the Bean-zilla and Pumpkin-Kong would not allow me to get far. Then we moved on to more creative outlets.

Pumpkin cut for a long time and made all sorts of interesting scraps for me and colored some. Bean did not color long before moving on to trying to eat crayons and trying to open glue sticks to get to the delicious glue in there. More kids showed up and Bean got restless so we headed out.

We went down to Sutherlands and got a little fitting for the gas line to the grill.

Then we headed home and the girls played for a while as I did dishes. Then we got them in pajamas and ate applesauce for dessert while I read books. Bean went to bed and then Pumpkin.

Once they were down I put the fitting on the gas grill and tested and now we have no gas leaks. (I was turning the gas off when not grilling before) Heath got home and we talked and planed and decided to watch Breaking Bad till bedtime.



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