Baseball Begins

Peanut is in the green.

Baseball was at 6 so we rushed dinner. We had a plan and things partially ready from the day before and Heath got noodles, meatballs and sauce warming up before I got home. The sauce was loaded with shredded vegetables from the farmers market.

Once it was ready we headed out to the deck to eat.

Peanut and Bean ate a bunch and liked it but Pumpkin was not in the mood to eat.Once the rest of us were full we started getting ready for Baseball practice for Peanut.

It was just up the street at Center Middle and I’m not sure when the games will start. The practice went well. Pumpkin and Bean made friends to play with, Peanut met the team and the weather was nice. Everyone looks pretty terrible so I hope to see lots of improvement.The coaches seem motivated so maybe.

After the practice we headed home and stuck everyone in baths first Bean, then Pumpkin then Peanut. Pumpkin ate all her dinner leftover in the tub during her bath and Peanut relaxed in the tub and watched a show. Pumpkin ate some more while I read her books and then both girls went to bed. I read my book till 9 and then the radio station switched to automation and I was able to remote in a do some work. Once I was done I went to bed. I was really worn out from the weekend and passed out hard right away for 8 hrs.

Heath did something on the computer and then went to bed I suspect.


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