Donut Tree


Obviously the most exciting part of our night was planting the donut tree. Peanut dug the hole last night before bed.


And Pumpkin poured in some cheerios (seeds).


This morning before work Peanut and I found a nice tree loaded with the fruits of our labors.



I did some more planting this morning and got 9 sunflowers planted and 25 corn stalks. I tried to arrange them around the little pond hoping they will shade it enough so we could put some fish in and not have them boiled.


The last time we planted sunflowers they grew like crazy.

We grilled some more last night.


Then headed to eat in the cool basement.


The kids watched the Sword in the Stone while eating and for a while afterwords.

Bean ate a ton then got cold 1/2 naked in the basement so she and I went upstairs for a warm sink bath and to do the dishes.


Once she was clean and in pajamas I dropped her off with the movie watchers and headed out to mow. The grass was pretty long in some places and I was mowing till dark but I got it all done and it looked much better.

Heath’s brother James came by and I got in just in time to say bye to him and tell the kids goodnight. Then Heath and I watched a Breaking Bad before bed.



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