Load of Mulch

Friday Heath was helping her mom out so I picked up the girls then went home and started getting dinner ready. Jon and Amanda stopped by to drop off their girls too for date night. It was a bit crazy at first. I was on my own, everyone was hungry and Kate was not happy that her mom left. I tried to distract her with Berry but it did not last long.

Heath got home and helped me finish dinner and then we all ate. Kate was still not happy about anything so we tried laying her down and I think she slept for about 15 minutes. Once she was up and the kids were fed we decided to stick the little ones in the wagon and walk everyone down to the park. On the way we ran into Stephen, Becky and Aj. They had already been at the park but came back with us to play.

Once at the park everyone was happy, even Kate.

We played a bunch and the kids burned off a lot of energy. The big girls mentioned going potty so we headed for home. Jon and Amanda called on the way and were at the house when we got there. We hung out a bit then got all the kids in bed.

Saturday morning I got up early and got busy working on various projects. I got a lot done and then the girls got up and we ate breakfast and then headed to Aldi. Then Bean laid down for a nap and I took Pumpkin for some free mulch pickup.

I knew the drill and went and got in line and I let Pumpkin out of her car seat so she could look around.

When it was our turn she got a great view of the big scoop dumping on us.

Then I secured everything and the scoop went off to do something else.

Once home Derrick’s kids were there and really wanted to help me with the mulch.

I let them push mulch toward the back of the truck were I could get to it easier and when we had to move spots they got to ride on the cab.

We got all the mulch unloaded and they played with our tractor.

Derrick got there and we grilled up some lunch.

After lunch our friends went home and we headed to Arie’s birthday party. It was a lot of fun with some great stuff to do.

build your own princess wand and crown

pool with slide

water guns

plus face painting, trampoline, swing-set, cupcakes and getting to run around w/ a bunch of kids.

Our girls played really hard and then fell asleep on the way home.

Once home Heath and I got back to work around the house for a bit before making dinner and a few drinks. We put the kids to bed and then Tony and Derrick came over to have a few drinks on the deck and watch the storm come in.

Sunday Heath and Pumpkin headed out to Paola to help Heath’s mom and Bean and I worked on projects around the house for a bit. I was pretty beat when Bean had a nap so decided for a little movie marathon and watched both Ipman and Ip man 2 while she was asleep.


Once she was up we got busy working in the garage and yard. Heath and Pumpkin got home and we started cooking dinner. We watched Star Wars III while eating and for a while afterwords. The girls played and read books and then went to bed. Heath and I got cleaned up and then got to bed early.


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