Loves the Park

Bean gets better and better and climbing and exploring the parks.

Heath got 2 wisdom teeth out yesterday and was fine to drive home and cook us up some dinner. She made hamburger pie. I went strait from work to her brothers house to cut up a tree that had fallen in the storm.

Once I got home and it was good. So good Bean smothered herself in it.

After dinner we rushed to Wal-mart for a few quick things but it turned into an hour long trip. Afterwords we headed to the park and met up with Stephen, Becky and AJ.

The kids ran around and climbed and had a great time. It got kind of late and Pumpkin got grouchy so we headed home and got the kids into bed.

Once they were down Heath and I started working a bit on our slow dresser project.

I’m not ready to release all the details yet but we made some giant letter “I” and “L”s out of painters tape.

While crafting we watched 2 episodes of Breaking Bad and then rushed off to bed.


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