My Fisher(wo)man

Heath had experimented with Mexican lasagna last night and it was ready to go when we got home. We set the table outside and sat down to dinner right away.

It had lasagna noodles and cottage cheese in a casserole with enchilada sauce, ground taco meat, 3 kids of beans and shredded cheese and it was really good. After dinner Heath showed off her giant coffee can of prizes.

It was really exciting for Pumpkin. She learned that if she stayed in bed at night she could put a sticker on her reward paper and after 5 stickers she got to pull a toy from the can. (last night she stayed in bed)

Then we packed up some fishing gear and then Pumpkin and I went around the back yard and flipped over rocks and found worms. We got quite a few good ones. Then we went over to Rachel’s house and helped her put a load of stuff in her truck.

Then we headed back to the same park we were at yesterday. I tried to think of another place in Missouri we could fish and play at a playground but nothing came to mind and the kids did not mind.

There were a couple of curious ducks who would not leave us alone and Bean really wanted to go swim with them.

One by one I got fishing poles loaded with bobbers, worms and hooks and tossed them out. Pumpkin reeled them in for me and on the second cast she had a fish on the line.

She was so excited

Heath got a line in and had her own fish seconds later

Bean got to pet them and Pumpkin got to toss them back in the water.

Eventually I got caught up enough for everyone to have a pole in and no fish to take off and I got to help Pumpkin cast.

We practiced a few times and she even did alright on her own.

By alright I mean she didn’t toss the pole in the water and the worm made it into the water.Eventually Bean got bored watching and waiting so we took a break and headed to the park.

I put one of the tiny fish on a hook and cast it out in hopes of a big fish eating it. I also sank a big work to the bottom in the middle in hopes a catfish would find it.We played for a while then came back and reeled in our lines.

We didn’t catch any big ones but caught several more small fish before it was time for baths. We through everything back we caught and loaded up the van and went home and put the girls in the tub.

After baths Pumpkin had an ice cream cone while I read books and then she brushed teeth and went to bed. Heath and I just watched tv for a bit then went to bed.






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