Our Longest Ride

After work I picked up the girls and we headed home. Heath was packing a dinner and we got it all ready and the bikes ready then hit the road.

We started from our house and went 5.8 miles along the trail. We had a little detour around flooded parts but no real break or stops until we got to the park.

We got off the bikes and out of the trailer and walked around a bit then let the kids play.

Heath and I shared a beer and unpacked dinner then we all sat down to eat.

Everyone did an okay job of eating and then we played a little more.

Heath and I shared another beer then loaded everyone up and got back to ridding.

The wind had blown against us on the way so the trip back seemed a bit easier for most of the way.

The last stretch from the trail to the house is all uphill and we were beat when we got home. We put the bikes away and got the kids in the bath. I had a call from work to return and Heath got the girls ready for bed. Once they were down we put on painting clothes and headed to the dresser in the garage.We have slowly been making it look pretty and we took another small step last night.

Peanut and I wiped it down and then Heath and I pealed the letters we had created.


They look like this.


We drew them on paper then cut them out. We put painting tape on wax paper and then traced out letters on that and cut out the wax paper and painter tape letters. Our ‘I’ was a bit messed up but we got the ‘L’ stuck on and then painted pink around it.


We let it dry and watched Breaking Bad and then Heath put on another quick coat before we pealed off the tape.


It was not perfect but I think it can be with a little touching up.  20130530_070336

I hope to do the I soon and then paint the rest of the dresser pink and get it out of the garage.






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