More Progress


We went to some friends house for dinner and drinks after work. The kids had a lot of fun playing and we had fun talking and playing Cards Against Humanity.  We left when the girls got crabby and got them home and in bed. Then we quickly made a big letter ‘I’ out of painters tape.


We stuck it on the dresser and then put down a coat of pink on most of the dresser.


Peanut went to bed and Heath and I folded and put away a bunch of laundry and then came back and put down more paint. Once the ‘I’ had it’s second coat we pealed off the tape. It was a bit cleaner then the ‘L’.


Now that is is dry we need to pull out the drawers and make sure everything is painted well then figure out a plan for the handles.

Heath and I watched a bit of breaking bad before bed.


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  1. Lynsey says:

    Looks great guys! I especially love the painting attire 🙂

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