Friday I had signed up through my work to volunteer for kcpt’s fundraiser. I help set up ours all the time and I was wanting to see how they do things and maybe learn a few things. Plus it is kind of my go to channel for live tv. Near the end of the day I found out they were short people and asked Heath if she wanted to come with. She found sitters for the girls and joined the team.

Once the kids were gone we kicked off the night with a beer tasting at Gomers. They had 4 French beers that were just okay. Then we headed down to kcpt. We got there early and did not need to so wondered around and took pictures.

The rest of the volunteers got there and we did a bit of training then went and got some Jimmy John’s dinner. About 10 minutes before we were going to be on tv they led us into the studio with all the lights and cameras and stuff.

Heath got us the seats right in the main shot.

But they still moved the cameras over to the whole group some too.

I got the first call and it was a little crazy at first but it went fine and the rest of the calls after that one were easy.

Heath’s phone was not logged in the first break but she got it fixed and then started getting calls also.

We were in the studio for about 2 hours but it went by really quick and was pretty fun. The station made over $5,000 during that time. Then we said goodbye to big bird and everyone else and headed out.

We headed over to a coworkers house down the street and hung out on her porch talking and having a few beers. Since we were kid-less we ended up staying up way too late but we had a great time.

In the morning Heath headed to a pancake feed w/ some friends from highschool and I got a nap in then got busy in the yard. It was nice and cool for June so I really got after it. When Heath got home with the girls she was ready for a nap. Pumpkin was sleeping in the car and Bean needed to help me.

We drove the truck around the yard and loaded up brush and leaves and dirt and then took it to the compost pile in the back corner of the yard. Bean rode in the passenger seat and was super happy. She also helped me find worms in the dirt and put them in a bucket. I think we kept all of them out of her mouth.

Pumpkin woke up and Bean got sleepy. I ran out of time for yard work so put Bean down for a nap and got Pumpkin and the truck ready for a canoe adventure.

We had planned an outing with Jon and Alie before the floods last week and we had our fingers crossed that we could find a safe place to go.  We picked them up and started shooting for lakes. We went to a few but they had no boat signs. We went to the blue river but it did not look safe for the girls. We spent much of the afternoon driving around and settled for a little neighborhood lake. It was tiny and not very exciting but we owed something to the girls who sat in the truck wanting to canoe all afternoon.

They actually thought it was pretty cool once we got in but they also expected it to be better. We hope to take them out on the river once the water goes back to normal.

I was starving (forgot lunch) and so we took our friends home and got busy on dinner. We had speghetti squash and chicken parm. Then the girls went to bed and I headed back out with Jon and the canoe.

We got on the creek just before dark and paddled upstream a way. We found 7 good tree branches reaching out over the water. We put a chunk of chicken liver or a big juicy worm on a hook hanging from each branch. Then we parked the canoe and had a beer. Then we checked all our lines and no fish. We had another beer and saw Tony driving by and he joined us for another beer. Then we cruised back up the river and pulled off all the old bait and put on new. 1 hook had a 10 inch gar on it but we just cut him loose and re-baited.

Then we went home. I showered and rushed to bed. In the morning I got up at 6 and got ready then Tony picked me up. We went and picked up a big camper shell for his truck he had found on Craigslist. Once we had it at his house we went back to the creek and checked our lines. All 7 still had the bait on them and no fish. Cut the lines off the limbs and took everything home.

I got cleaned up and helped Heath get the girls fed and everyone out the door. We rushed over to city market and met up with some friends. We walked down to the river and along it a while and then bought a bunch of veggies at the market. We all headed back to our house and unleashed on the grill.

I filled the main grill space and then started stacking things on the top rack as they cooked to make more room for more fresh veggies. It was a heck of a feast but by the end of eating the kids and the adults were pretty worn out.

Our friends went home and we cleaned up and relaxed a bit. In the afternoon our dryer quit and I spent some time taking it apart and finding a broken belt and then trying to find a new one. Once I got that mess figured out we started cooking dinner. We had so much left from lunch that we made stirfry and tossed everything in.

We went for a walk after dinner then got the girls in bed and I was right behind them.

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