The sky was extra pretty this morning

On my way home from work last night I headed to the appliance store and got a dryer belt. It was quick and cheep and went great.Once home I took at look at the garage door opener. A wire was loose and I put everything back where it belonged and tightened it all up.

Then I headed to the basement and put the new belt on the dryer. Figuring out how to get the dryer all open was the hardest part but that was all done so I just stuck the belt on and maneuvered the pieces back together and screwed it all back together. Then it was working again.


I was 2 for 2 on projects and had not wasted much time at all. Heath had been busy cooking delicious and nutritious dinner and so we moved right to the deck table.

She had kale and spinach salad with a lemon dressing, squeaky green beans, and spaghetti squash w/ sausage and orange peppers in spaghetti sauce. I cleared my plate twice and Bean got several handfuls inside her mouth.

Pumpkin liked everything but was not interested in eating. Heath got a text at the end of dinner from Liz about a puppet show thing in Belton. She rushed the kids off to get there just in time.

Heath took the truck so I started pulling wheels off the van to find a crazy noise. It was not much of a search as I found the breaks shot on the first wheel I looked at.

I took them apart, borrowed Stephan’s car and went up to get new ones. The pads were not quite a year old so they replaced them for free but the rotor’s were worn down to far to turn so I had to buy shiny brand new ones.

Once home I started to rush a bit to get them done by dark but right away broke the top off the break cleaner spray and had to go get more. After getting that everything went back together great. Heath came home and got the kids in bed. She came out just as I was tightening the lug nuts and calling it a night. All that was left to do was pump up the pressure on the breaks and test them out.

So I cleaned up the driveway, tools and me and Heath finished things up for me. Then I laid down and fell right to sleep.





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