Play Ball!


I think I read the Royals broke a record for most consecutive home game losses?  If your looking for a new team to cheer for Peanut had his first baseball game last night. We had to rush to get dinner in before the game and I picked up the girls and Heath had everything ready when we got home. She got Pumpkin smashing biscuits into little pizza’s.

Then Pumpkin added spaghetti sauce while Heath snuck some cream cheese on some of them.

Then she moved over to the topping station and started adding toppings.

She had very specific choices on what to put on each one and who would eat it.

They turned out perfect.

We tossed them in the oven and got everything else ready for dinner and the table set. Then we pulled them out.

Pumpkin cut them up for us…

…and we dug in. We ate quick and brought up what a great job she did on our pizza’s every few minutes.Then we went to Peanut’s baseball game. He batted twice and got one hit.



The team got him all the way home.


Also he had a few strikes.



He played pitcher or pitcher helper or something.


He was eager to get the ball


He also played first base



And finished up the game at catcher.



I don’t think anyone kept score but I am guessing they got a good enough lead in the first inning that they probably won even though the next two innings they didn’t do as well.

I left with the girls a bit early and rushed them into the tub. They ate some chocolate pudding in the tub then I sprayed them down and got them in pajamas. Heath got Bean asleep and I read a few books to Pumpkin then got her down.

I thought I was going to work on the transmitter overnight so relaxed and read and waited to go but it was canceled so Heath and I watched a Breaking Bad and headed to bed.

I don’t think I have been mentioning it but Heath and I have been working on the dresser and I think it is all done.


Some of the paint is still drying so I didn’t push all the drawers in. Our letters turned out really good though.


I’m just now thinking maybe we ought to coat it in poly or something to protect it before moving it into the girls room.






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