The Cheff is Back

On my way home from work I detoured a bit and went to Aldi. I met up with Heath and the girls and we got groceries. We tried to keep Pumpkin busy getting things we wanted and putting them in the cart. When she is busy we have less issues with finding things we don’t want in the cart.

We kept Bean busy eating peanut butter crackers so she could not scream at the shoppers. We got out in pretty quick time with a good load.

Once home we jumped into action getting the house and dinner ready for a visit from our Parents as Teachers lady. I made fajitas.

Heath and Pumpkin made carrot cake whoopie cookies.

Bean tried to get scraps to snack on.We got everything ready then our lady came and played with the girls and us. I think it was a pretty productive night. We got to vent about issues and get some new suggestions and be reassured ideas we are trying are good. We ate fajitas and cookies and then talked and played some more.

Bean had a #3 and got rushed to an early/quick bath and got her pajamas on. When our lady left we got her and Pumpkin in bed. I did a bit of work and Heath did some dishes and then we got in bed and watched a Breaking Bad.



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