Summer Is Here

I think it is going to be hot this week so we started filling our pool.


It was filling off and on all day yesterday and I put chemicals in it this morning and started filtering so maybe tonight we can test it out. We were not ready to wait for it and spent yesterday afternoon swimming at the river.

We started out at a deep shaded spot where the kids could jump in.

Then we walked across and set up on a big gravel bar with shallow water around it.

It was sunny but the water was shallow and warmer, plus it was pretty contained and easy to keep the kids safe.

We played a bit more then built a fire.

We tossed a grate and then some burgers and dogs on the fire.

We didn’t wait for the meat and got busy on chips and salsa, drinks and Cheetos.

The hotdogs were done first and we cut them up and the kids got after them so they could open their juice.

Heath got our sandwiches ready then I moved the burgers onto them with my pocketknife and a flat rock.

We were hot after dinner so did some more swimming and splashing before carrying our stuff back over the river and to the car. Bean was beat.

This weekend we also had fun at some parks.

We ate quite well.

That grilled pizza was awesome.

We did silly stuff around the house.




I did some hair


And moved some more surprise mulch.





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