Heath took the girls to the park yesterday. I don’t know much of the story though it looks like they both ate some messy sand.


and had some fun


I left work a bit late and headed strait to Peanut’s summer sports camp. For 3 hours he played soccer, volleyball, basketball and I got to watch him run football drills.


They were doing a lot of running and tackling the dummys and working really had and it looked like fun. I guess they are going to do some tennis as well today and he will go all week. It sounded like a pretty full afternoon. Once camp was done for the day we rushed home to eat dinner before baseball practice. Peanut was pretty worn out but he drank a bunch and ate some dinner and felt good again.

Heath had made a bunch of stuff from wontons for dinner. I think it was somewhat healthy. There were taco cupcakes cheese stick things and spinach ravioli. Everything was very tasty.

After dinner Heath and Peanut headed to baseball practice and I got the girls changed and then we headed out to the pool. The water was cold but felt good. I could not watch both girls and take any pictures. They both seemed cold but Pumpkin tried to convince me she was not cold. She was shaking for fun, not shivering and there were not goosebumps on her arms and legs just water. I was sure Bean would not want more then her feet in but she actually wanted down in the water. She could not touch so I had to hold her or let her float in her baby raft.

Eventually I got them out with promises of Popsicles. We got on pajamas cleaned up and had some dessert. I started cooking dinner for tonight because Peanut will go from sports camp to a baseball game and we only have 90 minutes between them.

Heath and Peanut came home and cooled off in the pool while I got the girls in bed and then we watched the 2nd half of the Hobbit before heading to bed.

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