Peanut had sports camp again and after work I came home and got the dinner I had made the day and morning before cooking and then Pumpkin helped me make some cornbread muffins.

Heath and Bean went to get Peanut from camp and Pumpkin and I put on our swimsuits and jumped in the pool.


We had fun playing but it was a lot of pool to ourselves


So we were glad when Peanut, then Heath and Bean came and joined us.



We all got cooled off and it felt really good.  We did not have a lot of time so had to get out and head up to the deck for dinner.


Pumpkin passed out her muffins and I dished up the casserole I had made.

They were both really good.The casserole had turkey burger, brown rice, apples, onions and lots of butternut squash in it.

Everyone ate good so we broke out leftover cupcakes from a shower Heath went to.

After dinner Heath rushed Peanut to baseball for team pictures.



She got a few of him too.

 IMG_9427  IMG_9426

The girls and I got changed and relaxed and did some cleaning up then we headed out to watch the game. I think Peanut only got up to bat once and got that hit from the video.


He had a good day in the field as well.



We got nice shady spots with a breeze and it was really comfortable watching the game and keeping an eye on the girls.


After the game we all rushed home. The kids got cleaned up and ready for bed.


I got my stuff and rushed back out the door. I got a giant tea and then went to the transmitter for some routine maintenance.

My coworker was late so I relaxed in the grass and read my book until he got there. Then we switched the transmitter to the backup one and powered down the main one. We sprayed it out with air and then wiped down everything and added grease to the bearings. It is lots of electricity so scary to work on but once the engineer does not get shocked I jumped in and started cleaning. It didn’t take us as long as expected to have it all cleaned up and powered back up.

From there I headed to the station on my own to work on several computer issues that need to be done when no one is there and I can work on the computers the announcers use on the air all day. This did not go as smoothly as the transmitter and I got pretty worn down. I got out about 1:30 and was in bed at 2.

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