A night in the pool


Peanut had sports camp but no baseball last night so we were not in a rush. I came home from work a bit early and took a nap. Then Heath went to go get Peanut and we all got in the pool.


It was a perfect night for the pool.


We played until I was starving then we got out and Pumpkin helped make some dinner.


We added some curry and meat to some leftovers, warmed it up and brought it out on the deck. It was really good and everyone had at least seconds. After dinner the kids had Popsicles.


Then we got everyone cleaned up and in bed early. They were all really tired from swiming and playing at the spray park. Heath and I did some exercise videos then got back in the pool with some drinks. I wanted to get to bed early too but it was too nice to get out and Heath kept filling my drink.

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