A Great Father’s Day Weekend


Heath said something yesterday about when you get after it Friday night, by Sunday it seems like a long weekend.  Friday we got after it right after work. I did a bit of packing and prep then our Friends Briana and Jon (not Sanders) came over. Briana dropped Jon and I off at 151st Street where it crosses the Little Blue River and we started hiking/adventuring.


The start was pretty rough as we were rarely on a trail of any kind. We would occasionally find some tire tracks or deer trails but mostly we were just pushing our way through the brush. We just followed the river and made our way through it. Still got my fingers crossed I didn’t get into poison ivy.


At one point we came across this little one.


and later on we saw these friends.


Between 3 and 4 miles later we got to the trail and opened up the bag from a box of wine and had some sips as we enjoyed following a trail.


The next 3 miles went really quick. We drank the wine and found a cliff to jump off.



We took a break and swam for a while but we had a ways left to go and not a lot of daylight left. We got back on the trail and hiked a while more. When we got to Red Bridge road the wine was long gone so we decided to detour a bit and get a few beers. Once we had them we hiked back to the river and then a little farther to a paved trail. It was totally dark by this time and we followed the easy paved trail the rest of the way home. We were moving pretty quick but pretty worn out from the hike.

All in all I think we went about 15 miles in 6 hours. We ate peanut butter in tortillas and trail mix along the way. Heath and Briana were hanging out on the deck and we joined them. We told stories from the night, relaxed in the pool and stayed off our feet.

The kids and wives had spent the evening playing in the pool, cooking pizza and playing games.


In the morning we cooked up a big breakfast and worked the stiffness from our legs.


Our friends left and we took it easy and messed around the house some. Pumpkin and I were ready for naps around the same time and laid down.


After naps it was hot and we decided to hit up a park and then a spray park in Grandview.


Just before we got to the park dark clouds rolled in. After playing a bit the clouds looked even worse.



We got back in the van just in time for it to start pouring rain. We stopped by our cousin’s Ruth’s new house that was not far and got a tour. Then we headed home and the kids and mom cooked me up a father’s day dinner and dessert and read me lists on why they liked dad.

It was pretty adorable.

In the morning Peanut went to see his dad and the rest of us hopped on bikes.


or bike trailers


We peddled down to the trail and east about 5 miles. It was still wet in spots from the storm and there was lots of mud. On the way back we decided to stop for donuts.


We called Pops and Heath’s dad from the table and Pumpkin helped us say happy fathers day.

We stopped at the park on the way home then got Bean to bed. I made lunch real quick while Heath and Pumpkin showered and put on dresses. They left and I ate then got busy fixing stuff around the house.

When all the girls had come home and woken up we put on swim suits and headed back to the spray park.



The weather was a lot better and we all had a lot of fun


Once we were all cooled off we headed to another Father’s day dinner.


Heath and the kids bought me 3 McDouble cheeseburgers and we all pigged out a bit and watched the girls play at the play place. We got home in time to clean up ourselves and the house a bit before Peanut came home. He had a big day golfing with his dad and we were all ready for bed.

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