Ride On


There was a little mix-up on dinner plans and when I got home Heath had a slab of ribs on the grill. This is a great mix up but I was starving now and Peanut was supposed to have baseball practice and the ribs needed to cook a long time yet. So we moved the foil wrapped ribs off to the side of the grill and tossed on some quick stuff.

Pumpkin made us some corn bread muffins.

and we made some noodles and veggies and beans real quick. Peanuts practice got canceled for rain and we all sat down in the family room to eat.

We ate and watched a movie for a bit but I got restless and got everyone motivated for a walk. Pumpkin has been asking if she could ride her bike when we go on bike rides so we decided to let her try on the walk. She was off like a shot.


She got her helmet on and hopped on the bike and she started burning energy.


I jogged alongside Pumpkin on the downhills and straightaways. Peanut rode his bike and Heath pushed Bean along and tried to keep up.


Everyone had a lot of fun and we were impressed with how great Pumpkin did and how little pushing she needed.

After the walk we played in the front a bit and I blew up some water balloons with air.


For some reason the kids thought they were the coolest toys.


Eventually the balloons all popped and we headed inside. Heath got the girls ready for bed and I did the dishes and then headed outside to move some mulch from the pile. Once I had a good sweat going I rinsed off in the hose and got in the pool. I cooled off and swam around a bit then scooped out all the leaves and walnuts that had fallen from the trees.

Then it was time for bed.

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