Cool Kid


The Saturday before Father’s day we thawed ribs for dinner. Then got too busy to invest the time in cooking them. Sunday we decided to wait for Peanut to come home. Monday we started to cook them but got a late start and we thought we had baseball practice so abandoned them. So last night we got to have ribs.

Heath got them started early. I got off work a bit early and Pumpkin and I ran to Aldi for groceries on our way home. Then I got busy cooking and she headed outside for bike fest with the kids.


Even Bean got to ride  20130618_171302

With the ribs we had loaded baked potatoes, grilled squash and grilled eggplant.

Eventually they were ready and we dug in.

It’s probably not a surprise but Bean got messy.

So after dinner we stuck her in the sink.

She played and splashed a bit and we got the BBQ sauce out of her hair.

I helped clean up a bit then headed back into work. I got some after hours work done and then came home and jumped right into bed.

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