You’re Out!


Heath and the big kids had a great day going to the movies and the park and playing in the pool. Bean and I were jealous and joined them in the pool as soon as we got home.


Bean was jealous of my beer and tried to steal it.


Heath’s mom came by so she could go to Peanut’s baseball game and joined us for dinner and pool time.


I got out once I was cooled down and got some dinner ready. Heath took over for me.


Heath had made and got a lasagna started so I just needed a salad and some sides. Everyone else got out and got the table ready and we ate. It was good and we finished all the lasagna. Bean really chowed down.

Then we rushed to Peanut’s baseball game.


We were way early so Pumpkin and I ran to the hardware store for a toilet flapper. Then we watched the game.


Peanut and several kids on his team had a rough night behind the plate.  IMG_9496

He had a few nice foul balls but never got on base.


He had a great day in the field though and got several outs for his team.



It was a good game and everyone had fun. We rushed home and rushed the kids to bed. I got the wrong flapper so went and switched it out real quick then stuck it in the tank and got ready for bed too.



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