Pumpkin Praising the Bacon, Bean Making Bacon Mustache.

I didn’t take any pictures last night and I am guessing Heath did not as well. This morning I think I made one of the best breakfast sandwiches I can remember. Thick cut bacon, two eggs, cheese, toast and a layer of plain Greek yogurt mixed with red pepper. I also hit my weight loss goal this morning and am down about 20lbs. Plus it is a Friday, I got my giant pile of mulch all moved, a big load of firewood coming tomorrow and free BBQ at lunch. Life is good.

Last night some coworker friends Briana, Jon and Olive came over to eat and swim. We made fajitas with tofu, peppers and onions. Plus we had salad, rice, beans and corn. Everything turned out great and we had some tasty wine with it. Then we went for a swim. The water is in the shade and really staying pretty cool even on these hot days. We played till the babies got cold and Peanut had baseball. Our friends went home and Heath took Peanut to the game and he made up for all his strike outs by getting great hits every at bat.

I got the girls cleaned, relaxed and in bed then did a bit of clean up and I got ready for a jog. As soon as Heath and Peanut got home I went running. It was kind of a painful run as my stomach was pretty full of food and wine. I went about 1/2 as far as I wanted but was still a sweaty mess. I read and cooled down until bed.

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