Rainbow Dolfin Ride


Friday I rushed from work to get the trailer and my wood cutting supplies.

Somehow I didn’t get any pictures of the actual tree or cutting. Jon headed out with me and we met up with a friend of a friend who owned the yard and a big tree. He had paid someone to cut it down and then we were there to cut up and haul off the wood and haul away the brush.

It was really hot out and Jon and I cut things into carry-able chunks. The main part of the trunk had to split into 4 pieces for each round before we could lift them.

Friday night I got 2 full truck and trailer loads in before dark.

Heath took care of the girls, went swimming and made me the pizza. I was covered in filth and exhausted when I got home.

Even my tied shoes were full of sawdust when I took them off.

I was up just long enough to rehydrate and get cleaned up before going to bed.

In the morning I got up early, ate some breakfast and went back out. I split the biggest logs and got a truck load then came home. I met up with another Jon and he came to help out for most of the brush and to load the truck and trailer again.

After we brought that load I went back out 1 more time to get the last of things cleaned up the my last load of wood.

Heath’s mom had come and picked up Pumpkin for a trip to Omaha and Heath had lunch ready. We ate lunch then I headed next door and started loading up the trailer with furniture and boxes of stuff. My cousins were moving out the last of their stuff. We got the truck and both of their cars loaded then took it to their new house and unloaded.  Heath and I left Bean there to play with them and we went home.

We fixed some big drinks and got in the pool (after spraying me down with hose). The pool was so good.  Then we showered and got dressed and headed to Jon and Amanda’s wedding party.


We were hungry and ate burgers, dogs and BBQ sandwiches. We had some beers and drinks and visited with their friends and family. Heath and I stayed late celebrating with the happy couple.


We were a few blocks from Heath’s mom’s house so we walked over there and spent the night. In the morning we got up early and headed to Heath’s uncles house. We picked up a friend of Heath’s who was an exchange student from Germany 14 years ago.

We took her to breakfast and chowed down big plates of biscuits, gravy and omelets. We took the German home and then headed home ourselves. I tossed the chainsaws in my truck and headed to my mom’s. She had a big branch break in the last storm and I helped her cut it up and got another load of firewood.

I headed home and hit up the grocery store on the way. Heath was busy cleaning the house and I helped her and started getting dinner stuff together. Then we loaded bikes and Bean up in the truck and headed to the park. We got there before Mike and Julie and had time to play on the playground.



When our friends showed up we hit the trail.


It was pretty hot and humid. We rode a while and Bean rested.


We biked awhile then headed back to the house. We fired up the grill and started making dinner.

We made Aldi’s Vacation burger w/ a few modifications.Plus some sweet potatoe fries, corn, grilled squash and baked beans. The burgers did really well.

Beef, cilantro, pineapple, green peppers and onions covered in pepperjack.

Dinner was pretty awesome all around and we were really hungry. Once Bean was fed and sink bathed we put her to bed and had a few beers and talked until my bedtime.



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