Pool Pals


Heath and the girls had a big day yesterday.


Plus a backyard pool party at a friends house. Bean was napping and Pumpkin was relaxing on the couch with the iPad when I got home from work. I tossed together a quick dinner. We had big salads and some left over mac and cheese mixed with salsa, chili beans and bacon. It was great. After dinner we rushed to Aldi for weekend supplies.


Pumpkin helped load a lot of the stuff into the cart for us.After shopping we rushed home, put on our suits and jumped into the pool.


We have 2 old air mattresses that leak so we don’t use them. I filled one up and tossed it in the pool.Pumpkin thought it was an island to jump off and climb up to.


But I put on goggles and swam around under it and found the hole. This morning I stuck a bike tire patch on it and filled it back up.

Then we headed to the deck to share some dessert.



Then Heath headed to Walmart and I got the girls in bed then folded and put away a bunch of laundry. She came home and we went to bed.

Yesterday I was too busy to post but we had a good night. Kate and Alie came over for date night.



We spent most of the night at Peanut’s baseball game.



Kate gave us a little trouble when Jon left but she did great at the game. All the kids played and ate snacks the whole time.

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