Big Plate, Little Girl


Our Time Warner internet was out Friday through Monday. About every 6 months our modem dies and we have to go replace it. (can’t wait for fall when we can get rid of them and get Google fiber)

So after work I was waiting in a line out the door for a 5 minute modem swap. I was so jealous of the people ahead of me canceling their service and switching to Google. Heath picked up the girls from school and had dinner nearly ready when I got home.

We had a creamy rice chicken vegetable mix that was really good. Peanut was not feeling well and didn’t eat even though it was really mild. After dinner we headed outside and got to work. Heath mowed the lawn, Pumpkin rode her bike, Peanut watched Bean and I worked on some broken stuff.


An unnamed individual (not me) drove my truck right into the trailer. The trailer knocked down a wood pile, broke a tail light, bent some metal and popped the head light right off my truck. First I replaced my headlight bulb and put the headlight assembly back together and reinstalled it in my truck.


It’s not good as new but I think it will work fine. It will probably just be annoying for other drivers as I expect it to bounce around as I drive. Then I replaced the light on the trailer.


It really is good as new. I had knocked the license plate off the trailer last weekend so I reattached that. Heath finished mowing and we all got busy pulling weeds.


Besides some flowers we have 1 sunflower starting to grow and 4-5 stalks of corn in our little front flower box plus a ton of Bermuda grass. We pulled up the grass until bedtime and then got all the kids clean. We put on pajamas and read books and told stories then the girls went to bed.

I tried to read on the couch but kept falling asleep and dropping my phone on my chest so I gave up and went to bed. I’m guessing Heath and Peanut went to bed sometime later.


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