The Pirate Raft


The kids were bouncing off the walls with energy when I got home. We postponed dinner and got them outside and in the pool to burn off some energy and cool down. I’m not sure where I have gone wrong with our old popped air mattresses. I tried filing one up with air thinking that the kids would have fun playing on it (I was right) and that I’d be able to swim under it and find where air was escaping (I was wrong)


The pirate ship mattress didn’t seem to lose any air while we were out playing but this morning when I looked out it was empty again.  We cooled off and played a bunch and the kids splashed and jumped off the ladder a bunch. Bean and I headed in first to get the dinner Heath made warming back up and get everything ready. A bit later the other kids and mom came in.


After dinner we worked on some random clean up and stuff around the house and ate some leftover desserts. We literally have at least 5 child carrying backpacks for our 2 kids (if you want to have/borrow one let me know). We did a little modifying and experimenting with our newest one to get ready for hiking season and then decided to go for a walk and test it out.


Bean and Heath both enjoyed it more then my picture shows. While we were walking the big kids were on their bikes.


We decided to cruise down to the park for a few minutes.


It was pretty hot and getting late so we didn’t play long. We walked back and decided to use this backpack for Bean next big hike.

Pumpkin has really mastered her bike but the peddles are directly connected to the rear wheel. If she pedals backwards the bike goes backward, if she goes fast down a hill the peddles spin crazy fast and she has no way to slow down. This is Pumpkin so of course she goes fast down the hill and worries about the peddles later.

Once home I decided to experiment with a bigger bike that has breaks. We only had 1 training wheel for it so I made another one out of some spare parts and just before bed Pumpkin climbed up and tested it for me. She can’t touch the ground but she can peddle and break. She likes her little bike better but I want to test this one out a bit more.

Once the kids were in bed a craigslister we had contacted early in the day called us back and said we could have his dryer.  Our dryer was not heating and after taking it all apart and testing what I could I decided to buy a cheep dryer instead of replacing parts until I found the right one. This one seemed just right with the only drawback being it came with a washer we will have to put back on craigslist.

I went and got it and got home at bedtime. We have a build up of laundry so Heath and I quickly removed the old dryer and installed the new one and got a load going.

In the morning I got a few more loads through and it seems like a beast so far. This morning Tony and I also went on a 9 mile bike ride at dawn. We saw hundreds of bunnies, dozens of cats, and a few deer.

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