Our Star is 9 (almost)


Peanut’s actual birthday is tomorrow

I’ve got 2 day’s of posts to catch up on. Tuesday was fairly crazy, even for a Tuesday. We had planned to have a little birthday party for Peanut before he went to his dads but there was a baseball game at 6pm so we had to work around that. Before the game Rachel and Nana-K came by.



and after the game Granny Donna and Grandma Jenni came.


Heath made special ice cream cake cupcakes that were a big hit.


and Peanut got some great presents.


His team won at baseball and he got some good hits and caught a really nice fly ball.



It was a hot game to watch but we sat in the shade and had a lot of snacks.  IMG_9918

After the game was a team ice cream and medals. I was chasing Bean around the ice cream shop and missed my picture of Peanut getting his. The girls were pretty worn out so I got them some fast food quick on the way home while Peanut, Heath and her fam went out to Mexican.

Pumpkin ate a whole cheeseburger happy meal and Bean ate half a double cheeseburger then they went to bed. I cooked up a big egg and spinach burrito. As soon as Heath got home I ran to get a craigslist mower while they opened presents and ate ice cream. As soon as I got home I found Heath’s brother had gotten a flat tire and needed it changed. I met up and changed his tire quick before heading to bed.

Last night the Sanders met up with us right after work.


We all hopped in the pool. After a couple of really warm days the water felt great to us but Jon and Kate were pretty cold. We all stayed in for quite a while and the little ones jumped and splashed and had a great time.


After the pool we rushed inside to get dinner and our friends left. We tossed dinner together quick and ate while watching sharks on TV. Once I was done I rushed to Aldi for some grocheries while Heath got the girls ready for bed.

Once I was home and we had the groceries away we got in bed. We watched 1 breaking bad and fell asleep.




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